Willow Go™ Wearable Breast Pump Single


Complete your purchase and get even more from your Willow Go – more comfort, more capacity, and more reason to cut the cords for good.

With hospital-grade suction and the highest capacity you’ll find in a wearable breast pump (up to 7 oz), it delivers the comfort and efficiency of the traditional pumps while fitting fully in-bra. It’s your reason to cut the cords for good.

What makes Willow Go different?

  • Willow Go has the highest capacity of any totally wearable breast pump (up to 7 oz per side)
  • Willow Go gets a 100% comfort rating from real moms
  • Willow Go has an app that goes beyond pump control to provide access to experts and personalized guidance
  • Willow Go is chosen by moms over their traditional breast pump more than 75% of the time (and they tell us that they get as much, if not more, milk)

Key features:

  • Totally in-bra (even the motor)
  • 45° of leak-proof mobility
  • 15 levels of customizable, hospital-grade suction up to -280mmHG
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 pumping sessions
  • Compatible with 5 oz or 7 oz breast milk storage containers
  • App connected and controlled (access experts and content, too)
  • Six parts to assemble and five dishwasher-safe parts to clean
  • Not made with BPA

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